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Rendition of the James Caird nearing South Georgia
Map of the route to South Georgia

Cave Cove is a small cove located in King Haakon Bay, South Georgia. It is best known for its connection to Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. It was where the James Caird landed on 10 May 1916 after his tumultuous voyage from Elephant Island. This voyage is commemorated by a small plaque in the rock.

While at Cave Cove, the men fed on albatross. Henry McNeish wrote,

"We have not been as comfortable for the last five weeks, We had 3 young & 1 old albatross for lunch with 1 pint of gravy which beets [sic] all the chicken soup I ever tasted."

Since they had run out of drinking water arriving at Cave Cove, the men immediately went to the small stream there.

They had to leave their boat offshore, and the elements tore the rudder off the James Caird. However, fortunately the rudder floated back into the cove later, and thus they were able to repair the boat. From here, they moved to Peggotty Bluff.

Images of Cave Cove

Coordinates: 54°11′7″S 37°24′26″W / 54.18528°S 37.40722°W / -54.18528; -37.40722

Images of Cave Cove