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Dulu Khan ( or Tughluq Khagan, personal name Ni Shu) was a ruler of the Western Turkic Khaganate during 632–634 or 633–634.[1]

He was Bagha Shad's son. After his uncle Tong was killed by Külüg Sibir, the candidate of eastern or Dulu faction (the other being the western Nushibi faction) the Dulu tribes became the dominant power of the western empire. Ni Shu a partisan of rival Nushibi clan supported his cousin (Tong's son) Irbis Bolun Cabgu to throne in 631. In 633 after a coup, Irbis escaped to south and Nushibi clan supported Ni Shu who was a living in Karasahr (now a city in Uighur Autonomous Region of China) to throne. Beginning with his reign, the Nushibi clan became the dominant power. Ni Shu chose the regnal name Dulu Khan probably to console the Dulo clan.

In 634 after a year of rule he left his throne to his brother Tong Shad (later Ishbara Tolis).[2]


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Dulu Khan
Preceded by
Irbis Bolun Cabgu
Khagan of the Western Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by
Ishbara Tolis