Hinduism in Turkmenistan

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[citation needed] Hare Krishnas are Minority community in Turkmenistan. There are also Indian Hindus in Turkmenistan.[citation needed] .

Hare Krishnas are registered in Turkmenistan IRF 2006

Indians in Turkmenistan[edit]

There are around 600 Indians in Turkmenistan [1]

The new arrivals are generally employees of Multinational Corporations, Banks and Hotels.

The Indian community in Central Asia consists mainly of students, businessmen, workers,and representatives/employees of Indian or foreign companies[2]

Major Hare Krishna festival banned in April 2005[edit]

Officials warned the Hare Krishna community in the capital Ashgabad not to hold celebrations on 17 and 18 April for the festival of Rama Navami, an annual celebration marking the appearance of Lord Sri Ramachandra and one of the most important Hare Krishna festivals Major Hare Krishna festival banned in April 2005

Gathering of Hare Krishnas[edit]

Up to about 70 Hare Krishna devotees would gather in Ashgabad to mark Major Vaishnava festivals.

A Hare Krishna community also meets in the Mari region east of the capital Major Hare Krishna festival banned in April 2005

ISKCON Centre[edit]

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 17-48, Ashtabayeva st.

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