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Hwan Nāyaka tuhan Pailah
Naturales 3.png
A possible image of a Lakan and his consort (in the Boxer Codex)
Reign c. 900 CE
Spouse Dayang Bukah
Full name
Hwan Nāyaka tuhan Pailah
ᜑᜓᜏ ᜈᜌᜃ ᜇᜒᜌᜇᜒᜏ
ह्वन् न्यक जयदेव
House Tondo

Jayadewa or Jayadeva (Sanskrit: जयदेव, Baybayin: ᜇᜒᜌ᜔ᜇᜒᜏ; full title: Hwan Nāyaka tuhan Pailah Jayadewa[1]) was the name of the Lord Minister of Pailah at the time that the Laguna Copperplate Inscription (LCI) was written in c. 900 CE. According to the document, he served as the representative of the "Commander in Chief" (pamegat senāpati di Tundun) in pardoning the descendants of an individual named Namwaran of his debts. Although no other records describe his life and works, Jayadewa is an important figure in Philippine historiography because he is one of the persons clearly identified in the LCI, which is the earliest known written document found in the Philippines.[2]

Personal life[edit]

The Laguna Copperplate Inscription (c. 900 CE), which mentions a person named Jayadewa as the ruler of Tondo at that time.

He married Dayang Bukah, as in exchange to clear the debit of 1 kati and 8 suwarnas of Bukah's parents which is Namwaran and Dayang Angkatan.[1]

"On this occasion, Lady Angkatan, and her brother, Buka, the children of the Honourable Namwaran, were awarded a complete pardon from the Overall Leader [King] of Tundún, represented by the Lord Minister of Pailáh, Jayadewa."[2]

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