Mastung District

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Mastung District
ضلع مستونگ
Map of Balochistan with Mastung District highlighted
Map of Balochistan with Mastung District highlighted
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Established 1991
Headquarters Mastung
 • Total 5,896 km2 (2,276 sq mi)
Population [2]
 • Estimate (1998) 165,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Mastung District (Urdu: ضلع مستونگ‎) is a district located in the northwest of Balochistan province, Pakistan. Prior to its creation as a separate district in 1991, Mastung was part of Kalat District.[1]


The district consists of three tehsils:[3]

Prior to 2006, within these there were 12 union councils: Khadkocha, Ghulam Parenz, Karez Noth, Mastung-1, Mastung-2, Sorgaz, Dasht, Isplinji, Kanak, Shaikh Wasil, Kardigap and Soro. In 2006, one additional union council formed with the name of Alizai, bringing the total union councils to 13.

Demography and languages[edit]

In 2005 the population of Mastung district was estimated to be over 180,349. The major religion is Islam, which accounts for 99% of the total population.[4] Although the 1998 census report suggests that the main language is Brahui,[5] according to its actual figures Balochi predominates, being the first language of 80% of the population.[6] There is also a sizeable minority of Pashto speakers (6%).[6]

The major tribes of the district are the Bangulzai, Raisani, Shahwani, Muhammad Shahi, Sarpara, Kurd, Lango and Dehwar.[5] The other tribes in the area are Syeds, Rodeni, Alizai, Mengal, Satakzai, Mashwani, Sumalani, Sarangzai, Lehri, Barozai, Tareen, Rind, Khilji(Babri)

Khurasani and Durrani.[citation needed]

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  • 1998 District census report of Mastung. Census publication. 99. Islamabad: Population Census Organization, Statistics Division, Government of Pakistan. 2000. 

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